Day 29 of 100 Days of VR: Spawning New Enemies in Unity and Dealing With “Ghost” Colliders

  1. Start spawning all 3 of our enemies
  2. Fix the shooting bug

Step 1: Spawn our new enemies

  1. 5 Knights at Wave 1
  2. 5 Bandits at Wave 2
  3. 5 Zombie at Wave 3

Step 2: Solving the Mystery Missing Shot

Step 2.1: Disabling our Colliders in Code

using UnityEngine;public class EnemyHealth: MonoBehaviour
public float Health = 100;
public AudioClip[] HitSfxClips;
public float HitSoundDelay = 0.5f;
private SpawnManager _spawnManager;
private Animator _animator;
private AudioSource _audioSource;
private float _hitTime;
void Start()
_spawnManager = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("SpawnManager").GetComponent<SpawnManager>();
_animator = GetComponent<Animator>();
_hitTime = 0f;
void Update()
_hitTime += Time.deltaTime;

public void TakeDamage(float damage)
if (Health <= 0) { return; } Health -= damage; if (_hitTime > HitSoundDelay)
_hitTime = 0;
if (Health <= 0)
private void SetupSound()
_audioSource = gameObject.AddComponent<AudioSource>();
_audioSource.volume = 0.2f;
private void PlayRandomHit()
int index = Random.Range(0, HitSfxClips.Length);
_audioSource.clip = HitSfxClips[index];
private void Death()
foreach (Collider collider in GetComponentsInChildren<Collider>())
collider.enabled = false;

New Variables Used

Walking Through the Code





Software Engineer by day, side hustler wannabee by night!

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Josh Chang

Josh Chang

Software Engineer by day, side hustler wannabee by night!

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