Day 27 of 100 Days of VR: Adding New Bandit Enemy

  1. A lower health, but faster unit
  2. A higher health, but slower unit

Step 1: Acquire new assets

Step 1.1: Get bandit asset

Step 2: Setup BasicBandit

Step 2.0: Set Wave 1 SpawnManager to Spawn -1 Enemies

Step 2.1: Attach the Knight Animatior Controller

  1. In Assets > BasicBandit, drag and drop Basic_BanditPrefab into our game.
  2. Select our bandit in the hierarchy and in the Animator component, under Controller, select our Knight Animator Controller to fill in the slot.

Step 2.2: Add the Nav Mesh Agent and the 3 scripts: EnemyHealth, EnemyAttack, and EnemyMovement

  • Nav Mesh Agent component to be the navigation AI to make the bandit chase after the player
  • EnemyHealth: to receive the damage when the player shoots the enemy
  • EnemyAttack: to detect when the enemy injures the player
  • EnemyMovement: to control the movement logic for the enemy

Step 2.3: Setting up the Scripts and Nav Mesh Agent

Nav Mesh Agent


  • Health: 5
  • Hit Sfx Clips > Size: 4
  • Set the 4 new Audio Clips to be Male_Hurt_01Male_Hurt_04
  • Hit Sound Delta: 5


  • Walking Clips > Size: 4
  • Set the 4 new Audio Clips to be Footstep01 — Footstep04
  • Walking Delay:3


  • Attack Sfx Clips > Size: 3
  • Set the 3 new Audio Clips to be Punch_01 — Punch_03
  • Leave the Fist Colliders alone for now

Step 2.4: Adding 3 Colliders: Trigger Collider, Mesh Collider, and Fist Colliders

  • A Capsule Collider to be used as a trigger to tell our bandit to enter attack mode if he’s near the player.
  • 2 Box Collider that will be attached to the bandit’s hand to tell when we damage the player.
  • A Mesh Collider to be used for detecting when the player shoots the bandit.

Adding the Capsule Collider

Adding the 2 Box Colliders

Adding the Mesh Collider

  1. We can shoot the enemy
  2. The enemy can push us around

Step 2.4: Set Bandit’s Layer to be Shootable

Step 2.4: Attach our Fist Colliders to EnemyAttack

  • Left Fist: L
  • Right Fist: R

Step 2.5: Create a prefab of our Bandit





Software Engineer by day, side hustler wannabee by night!

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Josh Chang

Josh Chang

Software Engineer by day, side hustler wannabee by night!

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